Wize Training™ - A Health Phenomenon

Wize Training™ are exercises for the mind, they are innovative visualizations that can be very helpful for your health. By creating movement and energy in the body, these exercises are perfect also for both the elderly and people with disabilities.

Today, we know that all the functions of the body, the internal organs, the systems, the body parts and physical movements are reflected in the brain as neuron connections or neuron networks. The better the function or the movement is, the stronger the connections of the neurons will be. Each Wize training strengthens the connections and makes the function stronger.

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Why is Healing and distance Healing so effective?

All health problems first begin with energetic imbalances and disorders. These imbalances are then transmitted to the physical body. Sometimes it can take longer before deformed energy causes health problems. But if you correct energy in advance, you can avoid problems on the physical plane. Even if you have already had problems on the physical level, correcting the energies can help the body to significantly increase its healing ability.
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Features of The Remote Healing for Maximum Effect

Online synchronisation

The healing sessions take place online via Zoom, and you’ll receive the zoom-link one day before a session. In this way, the Healer becomes synchronized with the participants

Increased Healing abilities

To get the most effective healing, you enter the state of theta rhythm to increase your healing abilities, which will also improve your general performance abilities

Healing displayed on the screen

During the healing sessions, the organs and systems to receive healing will be displayed on your screen. There will also be relaxing background music to enjoy.


The Remote Healing for Maximum Effect

You can achieve these improvements with this remote Healing

Better balance in the brain

The brain and the nervous systems become balanced, the connections between neurons are improved, which in turn improves the physiology


Better and deeper sleep


A better balance between systems

An improved and balanced energy in the body creates a better communication between the body’s different systems – the most important prerequisite for an increased healing ability

The Immune system

After treatments, you will have a stronger immune system

More energy in the body

More energy that activates an improved production of the immune system’s cells

Stress management

Better stress management – more joy in life


Boris Aranovich

About the Remote Healing for Maximum Effect

The first step to good health is to restore the communication between all the body’s organs and systems. The body functions as an orchestra that plays a melody called “Homeostasis” and whose conductor is the brain. As soon as the brain’s controlling ability begins to decline, imbalances arise in organs and systems, leading to health problems and diseases. There are many reasons to why the brain loses its controlling ability over the body – stress, technological frequencies, lack of nutrition and oxygen. But above all, the brain’s lack of control is caused by internal stressors such as worries, anxieties and fears, which are destructive energies that cause overall imbalances in the body’s energy.

We know that it is energy that controls the body’s physiological processes, and if we can change destructive energies into positive ones, then we can change our physiology. It is not always so easy to deal with all the emotions that are connected to energies, but everyone can deal with the body’s energies directly.

Boris Aranovich

There are 2 ways to manage energies: you can learn to do it yourself or get treatments from a healer. The best is when you use both possibilities, especially if there are diseases prevalent or if you have passed the age of 40. Managing and improving on your energies requires regular work, especially in pressing pandemic times like the ones we are in right now. Boris Aranovich has developed and made both possibilities available.


Remote Healing results in numbers

Sessions and growing…

Happy clients and growing…

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The Remote Healing for Maximum Effect offers

Energetic shells, or copies, of physical organs and systems are closely related to the organs and systems and reflect their functions. This means that the restoration of energetic copies leads to the restoration of the physical organs. That’s exactly what this healing modality achieves. This healing enables contact with the energetic copies and sends them restorative information.

The Healer can focus on solving the problem


The Healer can focus on restoring the organs or systems


The Healer can focus on increasing a person’s internal strength and energy

The Remote Healing for Maximum Effect by Boris Aranovich

The remote Healing method by Boris Aranovich not only allows you to increase the energy sent to a person or groups of people, but it also helps people to receive the healing energy better. It is a well-known fact that a person receives energy better when the theta rhythms of the brain are more active, which means that the person’s disturbing thoughts disappear.

For the most effective healing

It works like a radio – in order not to get distorted information from any radio station, you turn the radio button precisely to get in touch with the station you want to listen to. For the most effective healing, you enter the state of theta rhythm by looking at magical images. You can see some magical images here. 5 minutes before the healing session begins, you look at magical images on your screen and enter a state of theta rhythm and will thus better absorb the healing energy.
Increase your abilities with magical images

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On an informational and energetical level

A human being is more energy and information than it is a physical body. Most health- and life problems start at an informational and energetical level. Negative information and energetic imbalances affect the physical body, organs and systems, which can impair their functions, which over time can lead to health problems. Disorders of the nervous and hormonal systems can also adversely affect one’s behavior and reactions to life situations.

Measurable effect

Boris Aranovich has performed this type of remote healing for many years on thousands of people, often with amazing results.
Devices that measure energy fields before and after the remote healing of Boris Aranovich clearly show positive changes in the auric field.

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Here are 2 pictures from Betsy Palmer

She received the remote healing and also practiced the self-healing methods by Boris Aranovich during April 2021. The first photo is before the healing and the second photo 2 months after the healing.

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Happy Clients

“My incurable diagnosis changed. The power of thought and the REMOTE HEALING by Boris Aranovich are major reasons for my improvement! I’m eternally grateful for this REMOTE HEALING and for all the knowledge my health guru Boris Aranovich offers me.”

Maj-Lis Rehnqvist


“Many thanks for the healing yesterday 🙏🏻
During the healing, the greatest sensations w ere during the neck stretch ing healing I slept better than in a long time and have felt more alert today.
Thanks again!
Greetings from Jessica”



“Thanks for your remote healing yesterday. Felt it especially in the back and the neck. When I woke up today after a good night’s sleep, I felt more rested tha n I usually do.
Regards Peter”



“Thank you for a fantastic remote healing! I felt the energy begin to flow. Slept well all night and woke up with a wonderful feeling.
Sincerely, Camilla”



Felt a little tingling. Slept very well last night 🙏🏻Never sleeps well otherwise
Sincerely, 💜Agneta Andersson.

Agneta Andersson


“Thank you for the healing yesterday!
Despite an intense work week I have felt strong, alert and balanced today. I felt my strength increase already during the generally strengthening healing.
Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and knowledge!
Sincerely Jessica Swedén”

Jessica Swedén


“Hi Boris, I attended your remote healing yesterday. I felt a good flow in the head and the neck. It f elt like my brain fog was dissipating. Today I had a little headache but a much clearer feeling than before. Looking forward to the continuation.
Thanks Kerstin Markhem”

Kerstin Markhem