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This is a real gold mine for anyone wanting to be healthy and strong.

Boris has created many effective methods and tools that can be used both to maintain good health, to strengthen your energy resources and restore your health. It is important to understand that you can’t take health for granted as it’s something that requires regular work. For those of you who want to prioritize your health, Boris offers a fountain of knowledge and inspiration. If you want to know more, you are welcome to contact one of MR’s health consultants.

Ulrika Tillman Göransson

My name is Ann Wängsjö and I have worked as a holistic conversation therapist for 30 years.

I have been in contact with Boris now an then over the years. I have attended lectures and bought tools and books which, in a scientifically and innovative way, have easily taught me about the body’s functions.

With his strength, wisdom and knowledge, Boris teaches in a creative way so that we effortlessly learn to trust the body’s own ability to heal and recover when it’s given the right preconditions.

These days, it’s especially important that more people understand and dare to trust the resources we are equipped with.

We humans are different so we need different ways to approach various truths, and not just follow the so called truths society tells us about health and healthy living. Good luck to Boris and thank you for being here for us.

Ann Wängsjö

I am so deeply grateful to Boris Aranovich and his health modalities.

The things he has taught me about energy and exercises is knowledge I use daily, which has opened up an entirely new potential for long-term health.

Boris’ health concept is easy to follow, but it takes personal dedication and commitment to perform the exercises if you want to achieve improvement and change.

For me, the regular work with mental and breathing exercises and doing the anaerobic exercises every day have created greater balance and harmony in my body and mind, more energy and stamina, more inspiration and lust and considerably less stress. In other words, a higher level of well-being in my entire system.

You can create long term health by learning how to use your own inner resources.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to recommend everyone to find out more about Boris’ health concept and apply that what he teaches in your everyday life, because it can only add great value to your life.

Carmen Eshagi

I have taken a few of Boris’ courses now

I have taken a few of Boris’ courses now, and as a teacher, Boris has always been incredibly supportive, broad in his knowledge and sensitive to our needs as students. When there were many thoughts and questions among us students, Boris often offered to do extra webinars for the students who wanted extra help. I am very satisfied with the solid study material that is included in the courses. It has been in the form of webinars, e-books, pdf files and videos. Above all, I am grateful for the practical exercises and tools Boris teaches for better health. These are practical tools that I can now use for the rest of my life.

Maria-Elenge Lannes

I am so grateful for the knowledge Boris and his courses have taught me.

Following these seemingly simple exercises and recommendations has given me new insights about my health status, which during my apprenticeship only got better and better.

Have never felt as good as now, and I now also have the knowledge how to maintain my energy so I can continue feeling great.

I really want to recommend Boris, his courses + team, who always makes me feel seen and heard in the best possible way – THANK YOU!

Majlis Sjöberg

An amazing opportunity!

Boris is a very knowledgeable teacher with great commitment. His courses are interesting and very educational with both theory and practical exercises. Gaining knowledge and understanding of how the body works on all levels and then tools to work with, allows us to stay healthy. This is something everyone should learn for prevention and not wait until symptoms and diseases develop.

The first time I listened to Boris was at a lecture a little over 20 years ago. That time, it was a long way to travel for me, but today, you can stay at home and educate yourself where ever you live, a fantastic opportunity.

Many thanks to Boris for the knowledge that makes it possible to be healthy and feel so good.


Eva Björklund