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Bioenergy Self- Healing Course

The best course 2021 “Master the Art of Bioenergy Healing” for those who want to become masters in their health and their lives. The course reveals the secrets of dealing with healing energy by working with the subconscious mind in a whole new way.

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Master the Art of Bioenergy Healing

Online program

Best-selling author of “The Power of Thought” and “Tibetan Self Healing”, Boris Aranovich, created a new course based on five webinars with animations and music. Each webinar also has its own guidebook. The online program will be useful for both beginners and more advanced users

Advanced healing techniques

New opportunities to work with the subconscious that opens up endless possibilities for managing your health and your life. Tibetan healing, energetic visualizations, energy copies and more

Effective practical work

Special energy exercises that have already helped thousands of people solve health problems and transform their lives. Practical exercises are easy to learn thanks to unique instructional animations.


Self Healing

Healing Knowledge and Practice

Body energy regulation

Energy management is the foundation of healing and health

Power of thought

Influence of thought from the cellular level to the management of life

Work with emotions

Emotions are a powerful key to working with your subconscious


To create energetic copies

How to Create and Synchronize with Energy Copies

The subconscious

The phenomenon of the subconscious and the secrets of managing it

Work with organs and systems

Resonance with your organs gives you complete control over your health

Tibetan healing techniques

Secrets of Tibetan Monks in the Tibetan Healing Miracle program

Healing others

Healing not only yourself can also help other people and even animals

Visualization techniques

Unique exercises that make meditation visualization as effective as possible

It is a well-known fact that you can change your life with the power of thought, but why is it that so few people are taking advantage of his enormous potential of the mind? The problem is mainly that you need to know how to create resonance, or synchronization, with the object, person or item etc. – and not many people know how to do this. This is exactly what healing is. Healing occurs when you have managed to create a strong resonance with the body or body part. And the stronger the resonance, the more effective the healing will be

Boris Aranovich

About Boris

Engaged in Healing since 1974

There is an important way to control your health. And that way is to make contact with the subconscious mind, right there are enormous opportunities. Unfortunately, these opportunities are not taken advantage of by the vast majority of people. In our Tibetan Healing program and the Health School, anyone can learn how to with ease create this important contact.

But now I come with completely new possibilities. It’s about working with energetic image copies of the interior organs, body parts and even pictures from when you were young, happy events, etc. These are completely new possibilities that may perhaps seem a bit mysterious, but they are completely consistent the laws of quantum physics, and it is these that improve health and the possibilities in life

Boris Aranovich


Boris Aranovich in numbers

Video programs

Books in 5 languages

Students and growing…

Healing training gives

Healing is a form of art that can be learned and applied in real life. Having felt the first results on oneself, a person forever becomes an active explorer of the hidden capabilities of his body and spirit. Most followers note:


Increase in internal strength and energy


A sense freedom and independence


Feel healthier and younger


Master the art of Bioenergy healing

This healing courses of Boris Aranovich is focused on being able to correct your body regularly in everyday life, regardless of where you are. The more experienced you become, the less time it takes, for example, to correct your internal organs, move your vertebrae back to the right position or improve the blood circulation in different parts of the body.

Author of books on Healing and Bioenergy

All healing methods by Boris Aranovich can be used as self healing and healing on other people

You can do anything with thought

Course that consists of 5 modules, which teaches how to find the cause of health problems and treat them by increasing energy flow and blood circulation in various organs.  You learn to improve hormonal balance and balance the nervous system.

Healing methods by Boris Aranovich

Boris Aranovich’s healing methods encompass the whole person and help both to strengthen the body and get to the deeper causes of the problems.

All health and life problems lie on the subconscious plane. The more serious and larger the problem, the deeper the cause lies in the subconscious. What does deeper mean? Imagine that you have chronic inflammation in some organ and the inflammatory process is reflected in the brain as a connection of neurons with coarse frequencies. Behind that inflammation may be prolonged stress that leaves its traces with the connection of neurons in the brain with finer frequencies, etc. The finer the frequencies, the deeper the cause of the problem.

Thoughts and feelings shape your body

Many people struggle with their symptoms and never reach the cause, therefore there are many chronic problems. It is thoughts and feelings that shape physical problems – they create different patterns of neuronal connections which directly control the body’s functions.


What does effective healing mean?

With the healing techniques from Boris Aranovich, you can eliminate concrete problems in the physical body as well as the causes behind them.

Good and effective healing means good contact and proper transfer of energy and information to organs, tissues, behavioral patterns and various programs that “sit” in the subconscious. This can only be achieved by resonating with the goal.

What is resonance?

Think when you listen to the radio, you have to turn the knob to get in touch with the radio station and get information such as music or speech. Turning the knob means coming into resonance with the station’s frequencies or energy. The same thing in the body. With the power of thought, you can resonate with organs, systems, behaviors, etc., that have their specific frequencies. If they are pathological, you can change them to normal frequencies.

What a difference between Boris Aranovich’s healing methods and other healing methods

Healing hands

The healing methods of Boris Aranovich differ from other methods in their simplicity of resonating with the help of animations, images, music and above all with breathing. It is called energetic visualization. Animations and music help to create feeling and focus, and special breathing helps to stop disturbing thoughts.

This healing methods are taught with the help of videos in different modules and each module also has its own manual. Anyone can learn healing at their own pace. Each healing method by Boris Aranovich has its benefits and together they complement each other so that people get effective tools for health and life.


The Tibetan Healing Miracle

With short regular exercises (1-3 min) the Tibetan healing builds new networks of neurons and thus changes the functions of the internal organs.

Thanks to work with geometric figures, you can form enormous energy in organs and tissues and start healing processes there

Tibetan techniques increase the general energy of the body, including the chakras and meridians

Improvement of telomeres

Deep energy work with Tibetan technologies can provide energy to telomeres, which over time become shorter and accelerate aging. There are special exercises to activate the telomeres to correspond to the younger version of the person.

Health School (Healing methods)

energy from hands
In the Health School, unique methods are used that make it possible to better resonate with the body and effectively treat organs and systems.

Unique techniques. It is known that every function in the physical body has its equivalent in the brain as the connection of neurons, which are united in a pattern. But functions and also behavioral patterns also have energy equivalents. By changing energy patterns, we can change and improve the body’s biology and negative habits. But change requires repetition. What is unique about Health school is that the training does not take much time, thanks to the technology “Mental allegro”. With that technique you can do 10 exercises or more in 1 minute. The technology is world-unique.

Master the art of Bioenergy Healing

Mastering energy management is very important in many different situations in life, including being able to use energy to regulate the body’s various processes. It opens up incredible opportunities to become stronger in everyday life, not only for your health but also for many other areas of your life.


At the age of 40-50, stagnation begins to accumulate in the body and this is the cause of many health problems. If you then imagine that you, yourself, can direct energy into that stagnation, a movement is created there, the circulation increases and the body can begin to detox itself. Some people may feel some initial discomfort, but it will pass.

In Bioenergy Healing, we often start with Bioenergy Stretching to remove blockages. They effectively dissolve tensions, and the energy can begin to flow.

Heands healing
The mind can control internal organs, body parts, the whole person, flowers and animals – everything that is alive. All biological beings have an inner consciousness that knows exactly what they need. But you can also influence circumstances, which is important to understand. We are all part of the Universe, and every human being has a number of different predetermined versions of what their life will be like. You fall into resonance with what you think, no matter what.
In Bioenergy Healing, we work with the etheric body. Everything in the body is covered by the etheric body, therefore we can affect the muscles, the skeleton or the brain – everything. It just depends on where we focus!

We must learn to work with our inner consciousness in a structured and orderly way. Then all resources are opened and energy radiates in and out. We must not cure diseases – we need to help the body to gather, structure and improve its own healing powers, then enormous resources are opened up.


Happy Clients

This course, the Tibetan Healing Miracle, is incredible – something I recommend to anyone who wants to improve or maintain their health. It was very rewarding to learn how you can balance the body and expand consciousness…Some of the exercises have greatly contributed to increased balance and true relaxation, both physically and mentally…Thank you, Boris!

Thomas Lundin


This training has been very interesting and useful. Boris explains things so they are easy to understand. The animations are great.
This is a course I highly recommend anyone interested in health matters.

Karin Janzon


I have learned how to consciously, with the power of my thoughts and my way of breathing to be able to control processes in the body so it can function well.
It feels like a privilege and as a security. These techniques are the foundation of my good health and that I always have enough energy.

Ivana Mashackova


“Now I do this healing every morning. And I start feeling the difference in my whole body. I start believing in myself more and more. I strongly recommend both these courses and everything Boris teach! He has got a red thread in everything and a broad and deep knowledge available for us all now.”

Annelie Hultgren


The Tibetan Healing Miracle exercises for the spine eliminated the pain in my spine in only 5 minutes…it also improved the arthritis in my hips and I have less pain when walking now.

Malgorzata Okla


Which program to choose?

The difference between the Healing courses of Boris Aranovich and other healing modalities is that it is easier to create resonance with the body and also create a resonance of a higher quality. With the aid of the unique Healing exercises, you automatically and immediately fall into a state of resonance with the body’s organs or anything else in the body. This modality works for each and everyone and demonstrates very good results.

The Tibetan Healing Miracle

What is special about Tibetan self-healing is that “mental techniques” are used here. By focusing on two objects with simultaneous music, anyone can stay focused on organs, body parts or systems for a longer period of time. Thanks to work with geometric figures, you can form enormous energy in organs and tissues and start healing processes there. Deep energy work with Tibetan techniques can provide energy directly to the cells

The Health School

What is special about the healing “Health School” is that mental techniques are used here combined with breathing, which gives a strong effect on various health problems.

What is unique about “Health School” is that the training does not take much time, thanks to the technology “Mental allegro”. With that technique, you can do 10 exercises or more in one minute. The technology is world-unique.

Master the art of Bioenergy Healing

You can learn this with healing:

1. Using energy increases circulation in various organs and body parts.
2. Transfer energy remotely to one or more people.
3. Finding energetic imbalances and the cause of health problems.
4. To give healing to animals.
5. To work with the circumstances / life situation.