Wize Training™ - A Health Phenomenon

Wize Training™ are exercises for the mind, they are innovative visualizations that can be very helpful for your health. By creating movement and energy in the body, these exercises are perfect also for both the elderly and people with disabilities.

Today, we know that all the functions of the body, the internal organs, the systems, the body parts and physical movements are reflected in the brain as neuron connections or neuron networks. The better the function or the movement is, the stronger the connections of the neurons will be. Each Wize training strengthens the connections and makes the function stronger.

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Why is Wize Training™ so effective?

A person competing in high jump, for example, and is able to jump 1.5 meters, may with regular physical exercise be able to strengthen the corresponding neuron connections and eventually jump higher. However, several studies show that if we can visualize a workout and repeat it every day, the result will be almost as good as if we had done it physically — so the Wize exercises can really increase our ability. In other words, both physical exercise and mental visualization of a workout can activate the same neurons, which make the neuron networks stronger.

Which modules does the Wize Training™ contain?

♥ Normalize the blood pressure
♥ Improve the immune system
♥ Strengthen the respiratory system
♥ Balance the hormones
♥ Improve the functions of the spine
♥ Improve the gastrointestinal tract
♥ Strengthen female health
♥ Improve the joints (upper)
♥ Improve the joints (lower)

♥ Eliminate insomnia
♥ Help your body to loose weight
♥ Improve on your beauty
♥ Improve the urinary system
♥ Strengthen your teeth
♥ Improve your eyes’ functions
♥ Normalize regulatory functions
♥ Strengthen your muscles and reduce bodily fat