Wize Training – A Health Phenomenon

Why is it that with repeated training, be it physical or mental, we perform better? We dance better, paint better, have a better memory, a better metabolism, etc.

To answer that question one needs to understand that all functions of the body, internal organs, systems, body parts and physical movements are reflected in the brain in the form of neuron con-nections or neuron networks. The better a function or a movement is, the stronger the connection between the neurons will be. Each exercise strengthens the connections and improves functions. The more you exercise, the better the connections and their corresponding functions will be. But what is interesting is that if we also visualize the training, e.g. dance, golf, an energy flow or a pulsa-ting organ, the same neurons are activated and the same neuron network is formed as if we were to do it physically. This phenomenon has been proven in scientific studies, which you can read more about here.

Wize Training is a method developed by Boris Aranovich, which significantly strengthens the human visualization ability because the exercises are based on animations, music and breath control. It is the animations and music that enhance the visualization and form stronger neuron connections, thus improving the body’s functions. With physical exercise, more neurons are formed in the brain, but with Wize Training, we reach directly into the brain and form more neurons there and are able to improve the body’s functions in this way. Holding our breath helps to prolong our concentration span. This interesting phenomenon opens up completely new possibilities in the field of health! We can train internal organs, muscles, the blood circulation, the energy circulation and help the body to more easily manage many health problems – just by watching short videos and mentally repeating the exercises shown. You can easily do this on your cell phone or computer. You find more concrete information here.

Med vänliga hälsningar Boris Aranovich

Best regards Dr Boris Aranovich